Spermosens chip device

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Spermosens’ technology is a lab on chip device that employs sperm-specific receptor proteins coupled to a gold electrode through gold nanoparticles. When the patient’s sperms are added to the device, the proteins capture the sperms and induce biochemical reactions.

The binding and biochemical response are then analyzed through a electrical circuit which the chip is connected to. The resulting electrochemical signals are footprints of the sperm health and may help determine the underlying cause of infertility, and the ideal Artifical Reproductive Technology (ART) treatment for the couple.

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The existing commercial methods to diagnose male infertility and check the sperm quality look into physical aspects of the sperms, while overlooking the biochemical interaction that is necessary for the fertilization event. 

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The platform exploits the power of biotechnology, nanotechnology and electrochemistry to miniaturize the assay for adaptation in all settings.


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Your ideal partner in Assisted Reproductive Treatment, Spermosens helps your doctor decide the best path of action. It will help reduce the number of ART-cycles and associated adverse-effects, and cut down on the eggs required for successful conception.

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Spermosens’ diagnostic methods mimic the interaction that sperms have with the egg-cell in the body, and detect the healthy sperms as nature intends it.

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Spermosens addresses several unmet needs

  • A method to assess fertility potential and identify the best assisted reproductive technology (ART) on a scientifically-sound basis. Current semen analysis provides inadequate information about the underlying reason for infertility.
  • More affordable, and standardized ART process. Current practices reflect variable approaches by medical professionals to increase the chances of fertilization.
  • An easy-to-use device, with rapid and easily-interpretable results.


  • Probes sperm biochemistry
  • Fast and User- Friendly
  • Small footprint device
  • Lowers burden on the patients and healthcare